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What is Server Security?

Immunity’s Host Intrusion Prevention Systems service helps to prevention of hackers intruding the clients computers. There are various kinds of systems that can be used for intrusion deduction, each of these systems are unique when it comes to the features and benefits.

Also known as IDS, this is a service that helps in the inspection of external as well as internal activities that is taking place in the network.

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This is one of the basic kinds of intrusion detection tools or techniques used which helps to analyse the information or data that is collected. After the collection of the data, it then goes ahead and makes a comparison based on the various techniques that can be used for intrusion detection as well compares different kinds of attack prototype data that is collected.

This is another kind of techniques that can be used for intrusion detection. In this kind of technique, the administrator can set a baseline that is required, transfer the necessary data from the network, crashes as well as protocols and various other things.

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Features of Server Security

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Network Based IDS

Else known as NIDs, this is a kind of technique that is used to analyse the various kinds of packets that individually flow into the network. It also helps to keep an eye on various packets which are suspicious and could be overlooked by any kind of firewalls.

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Host Based System

Under this technique, it is used to inspect the various IDs that are logged on to the network. It also helps to keep a track on the various activities from a particular computer or host.

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