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What is Endpoint Security?

End point Security is solution targeting the IT Security for the entry points like laptop, desktop and mobile devices, Embedded devices, POS machines etc. within a corporate network.

These are the point of access to an enterprise network and may or may not always be under the corporate Local Network. Generally, Enterprise Endpoint security solutions work on a client/server Architecture with a centrally managed server hosting the management platform and an agent working in sync on all endpoint device.

End Point Security

Why end point protection is needed?

Being mobile devices, endpoints become much more prone to cyber security attacks and the with the ever-increasing cyber security threats, this task of ensuring robust protection at the endpoint layer requires special focus and solution deployment. Some key trends which today put special focus on end point security would include:

  • Increase in BYOD Bring your own device policy.
  • Employees working from home connecting to WIFI from office end points devices makes the enterprise security more vulnerable than ever.
  • Productivity requirement which require a smooth and safe working machine with futuristic capabilities to protect the end point from malware and DDOS attack.
  • Various Compliances with emphasis to ensure the corporate endpoints are not the source or contributors for any known or unknown attacks.

What are the types of Endpoint Security threats?

Simple forms of endpoint security include personal firewalls or anti-virus software that is distributed and then monitored and updated from the server. The term is evolving, however, to include intrusion detection with behavior-blocking components that monitor devices and look for actions that are typically initiated by rootkits.
The list is endless but to name a few threats, below should feature high on the current trends:

  • Ransomware
  • Data Loss and Theft
  • Phishing
  • Vulnerability Exploits
  • Spyware and Trojans

Key Aspects of End point security:

Get all your bases covered with the below key technology aspects in your consideration.

Data loss prevention

This is the strategy to ensure user do not share critical Business information outside the enterprise network.

Insider threat protection

An Insider threat is an employee, former employee who has access to critical data and It systems and may cause harm to the enterprise. These threats can be prevented with proper policies and prevention.

Email security

This is a feature to protect the email information from other users and is delivered to only its intended recipient. Spam and other threats not just cause new window for threats but also directly impact the employee productivity.

Application control and white listing

This is a feature that only allows certain software to be active on a system. Policies are deployed to restrict a user with only limited access to few software applications only.

End point threat detection and response

This is an advanced threat protection technique. Coupling the power of Intelligence and ongoing Analysis, It addresses the need for continuous monitoring and response to advance threats.

Privileged user control

These are the extra controls given to a user on corporate resource such as devices and applications.

Identity and Access management

This is a process of gathering all information about the access points in the resource available.

Exploit Prevention

Employees working on a machine with open exploits is a red carpet welcome to hackers and other threats. Ensuring a proper exploit prevention is a key Endpoint Security component.

Artificial Intelligence

Threat detection based on signatures are slow, performance impacting and totally depended on past signatures database. A futuristic AI based threat detection enables protection from unknwon threats today.

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Crucial Features of Endpoint Security

End points are the vulnerable points that is being used by an attacker.

Device protection:

The end point should have antivirus to prevent froon attacks like Ransomware.

Network Control:

The end point should act as a firewall, monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Application Control:

It blocks unauthorized application so that data is not at risk.

Real time Malware Protection:

Block Rootkits, viruses, Trojans, Ransomware, worms, adware, Keyloggers, spy ware, and other potential threats.

Proactive email and web security:

Intercept malware and spam before it reaches your inboxes. Get warnings and protection to users before connecting to malicious websites.

Desktop firewall:

Control desktop applications that can access the network, and stop network-borne attacks and downtime.

Centralized management:

Manage with real time visibility and control over all your security devices with a unified control.

Managed Endpoint Security

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