Managed Security

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Next generation cyber security service handling IT threats Identification and mitigation across the organization while ensuring all your IT Assets are monitored in real time and updated for best preventive security measures.

Managed Security Service Provider

Enroll in our enterprise level managed IT security services providing you end to end security cover and protecting your IT infrastructure from all sorts of Web, Email, managed Antivirus and other threats.

  • Holistic Risk Mitigation
  • Info & data Security
  • Threat Alerts & Oversight
  • Security inclusion on Backup Data
  • Employee Awareness

Service Include

24 x 7x 365 Monitoring

Is a crucial part of cyber risk management, enabling organizations to detect and prevent cyber-attacks in their infancy before they cause damage and disruption.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Protects systems from modern day cyber threats, ransomware and zero-day threats by using AI based machine-learning & behavioral analysis

Email Security

Inspect incoming emails for malicious threats and secure outbound email traffic to protect mailboxes, data, users, and organizations from cyber attacks and schemes.

The Key Benefits

Managed security service provider offers businesses the edge of leveraging our expert team, latest technology and proven processes which only large enterprises could effectively deploy and manage.

24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service

  • 24/7 Monitoring by IT security analyst
  • Real time threat detection across all IT Assets
  • AI- based tools for automated threats prevention
  • Strong Preventive Security Process
  • Multi Tier Threat response and remediation

Managed Firewall

Prevent threats from entering the organization; and if ever exposed to threats, effectively remediate and managed firewall, antivirus and IT security services.

Firewall Security

For a professional company, network security is very much required. The need for a firewall security is of acting as the initial line of defense. The firewall is known as the network security system which acts as a barrier between internal network as well as external sources. A firewall security is meant to protect computer systems as well as networks from external attacks. This is used for securing information from unauthorized users from both inside and outside of the network. A proper installation of this is required and for this, the professionals like us can help. We have helped companies all across the globe and we are still assisting.

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