High Performance Computing

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What is High Performance Computing?

There is a continuous growth for the need of a modernized infrastructure when it comes to data centres. Data centres help to deliver more services because of this, companies across the world are seeking out new methods to get into the collocation space. For any company, the infrastructure of the business is one of the most important parts, this is where high availability and resiliency becomes a matter of concern.

There are many organizations which rely on collocation service providers or data vendor in order to get the necessary support for the infrastructure of the data. Immunity Networks Provides its customers with the High Availability service.

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Physical Server clustering in the event if there is a dedicated environment for the physical server. In the event if there is a physical damage like a hard ware failure, then we ensure that until the problem is fixed the work load is transferred to another physical server which is clustered.

Virtual Server Clustering Under this technique, we go ahead and cluster the server which is nothing but a virtual image on a multiple hosting machine. We interlink the Virtual Machines(VM’s) with other machines which are compatible in the case of there is a software or hardware issue with the main Virtual Machine.

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