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What is Disaster Recovery?

When a company is embarking into a new venture or if it is a new business, there are many concerns that come into the mind especially in the case when there is a crises situation or a disaster in the IT infrastructure of the company. In order to help the business which such a situation, Immunity Networks provides their customers with the disaster recovery Service.

The Disaster recovery service is carried out with a customized plan based on the individual requirements and criteria’s of the customer. One can never say when a disaster may strike, however when there is a plan in place, it makes it much more easy and simple recover the essential data within a speculated time frame depending on the intensity of the situation.

End Point Security

In order for any kind of device or data to be executed, storage is mostly used either through an output / input operation like a hard drive, pen drive and various other forms of storage devices This does not include the computer memory or any other kind of in-computer storage. In the case for the company, the options for a storage facility is more vast apart from a memory. It is very common in the IT industry.

There are two kinds of storage, one being the Primary Storage in which the data is stored in the memory else known as RAM or Random Access Memory and various other built in devices like the L1 cache of the processor.

The three different levels of Disaster recovery

1. Disaster recovery Low risk of data loss Under this there can be absolutely no loss or very minimal loss however the business can still be functional without much stress.

2. Disaster recovery Moderate risk of data loss Under this risk factor, the loss is manageable for the company however it would not create such a big impact which can hit the red button for the business.

3. Disaster recovery High risk of data loss In this situation it can be really bad for the company due to extreme damage caused because of which the data loss can be a real problem. Under this situation, it becomes very critical to ensure that the right measures are taken to reduce the loss of data.

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Threats are mentioned below

We at Immunity Networks provide our clients with customized plans after doing a proper analysis on the order and importance of the data in the event of a disaster. Under this, the following would be covered

General issues that is considered by Immunity Networks

Before we come up with the Disaster Recovery Plan, we do a Risk Analysis as well as a Disaster Recovery Audit to come up with various options and solutions that would be a part of your Disaster Recovery Plan.

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In the event of a disaster in the infrastructure of the business, we sit down to analyze what caused the incident as well as come up with the Incident Management Plan.

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