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What is Backup?

Immunity’s Back and Archive Solution is a service which is provided for those who wish to preserve their important and sensitive data in case there is any kind of catastrophe or equipment failure. This is a facility that is availed on a personal as well as corporate level and from small to large sized business.

Business are generally flooded by various kinds of emails and different threats which are designed in such a way that the hacker can gain access to the sensitive data that is stored on their networks and servers. Our services will help in the protection of such intrusions.

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Backup Storage

There are two main purposes of getting a backup done. They are as follows

The main reason is to recover any data that is lost be it due to corruption or even deletion of the data. This is one of the most commonly known problems that is faced by users. Based on a survey it was seen that almost 66% of the participants lost their files on their home PC.

The Second reason to use this facility the ability to recover backdated data. A data retention policy can be defined accordingly as per the requirement of the user, it is configured as per the requirement based on the date or time duration of data that needs to be backed up.

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Features of Backup and Archive Solution

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Benefits of Backup and Archive Solution

The enterprise -class is unified based on the physical and virtual protection of the data that is needed to eliminate point products. It also helps to provide a better visibility along with leveraging the resource while reducing the complexity, cost as well as the risk during the vitalization of mission- critical applications.

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