Premier 100 Partners

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A company is known for its practices and ability to provide services or products in their respective field. In order to gain a particular recognition it is field , a lot of challenges and obstacles have to be passed before attaining the required results and recognitions. is a company which provides a complete coverage of the various market trends, business information as well as latest happenings in Technology. They also host The ChannelWorld Premier 100 Awards, this award has become a benchmark in the IT Sector.
Immunity Network and Technologies ha received a Premier 100 Channel Company from Channel World for its contribution towards the IT Sector in the year 2012. This was due to their exceptionally good business practices in the challenges that is faced in such a competitive environment. The company’s founder and CEO, Mr. Sumit Garg’s name can be seen in the Premier 100 Winners List. His views and ideologies can also been seen in a write up of an interview that was given which is present in the website itself.