Premier 100 Channel Company

New Doc 3

A business idea that should get more attention.
I believe fortune lies at the bottom of the pyramid. Every organization should serve its small-scale customer requirements with utmost dedication and perfection. We need to understand that if their scale grows, our growth will be inevitable.
A concept or technology that.s over-rated.
Cloud technology. Its existence is hyped in the market.
Your vision for your company.
I would like to scale the company to a global platform, serving international customers with world-class IT services.
A technology you think will see significant adoption in 2012.
Information security and data loss prevention techniques will make a big impact in 2012.
What would you like to invent?
A universal communication system inter-connected on a global scale which is governed and operated by our thoughts.
Biggest learning this year.
My biggest learning is to be patient and self-analytical.