Crisil Rating Certificate

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The NSIC-CRISIL Performance and Credit Ratings is a joint effort by National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) and Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL) that analysis the various companies in the IT field and rates them accordingly based on their work and contribution. When a company is recognized and rated through them, it holds a lot of importance and value. They keep a track of the various contribution a company provides in the IT field in order to provide the best service possible to their clients that require the different services that are available.

In 2013, Immunity Networks and Technology Ltd. received the CRISIL RATING award for being a company whose rating was an SE 3B. The rating is recognised as a company which has a Moderate Performance Capability and Moderate Financial Strength which is valid for a year. This award was signed by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Roopa Kudva..