Most Promising Networking and Security Company

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Network security is today a rising concern for CIOs. Malicious hackers are trying to tunnel into corporate networks to steal as much sensitive data as possible. Staying on top of network security is no more confined to ticking items off a to-do list, but also looking out for what is ahead. The advent of new technologies and trends are making network security more agile and automated.

New application-centric models are enabling organizations to architect their networks, security and infrastructure in alignment with their business strategies, which are increasingly dependent on applications. With increasing consumption of cloud services and innovations like next generation firewalls (NGFW), network and application security are converging in a big way. The increase in expectation and need for greater data privacy has nudged network security providers to expand the use of encryption to protect their customers. To address the challenges of managing distributed networks and access for business partners, more organizations are looking to adopt a zero-trust model for network security where no network traffic is considered trusted, including internal traffic..