• What is Web Security?
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    One of the branches of Computer Security, Web Security is specifically Internet related . Immunity’s Web Security Service helps to manage and secure the Web traffic. This is done by filtering the various kinds of malware threats present today, preventing or blocking the different URLs which has any kind of inappropriate content etc. It also helps in the prevention of confidential and important data loss because of the various Web protocols. This does not just include browser security however is also includes network security which is more on a basic or general level since on a whole, it applies to operating systems and various applications. The whole objective is to establish the various measures and riles that should be used to prevent any Internet Attacks.

    The internet is considered to be an insecure channel, there is a high risk of fraud, intrusion, phishing and various other threats during the time when information is exchanged. Just like encryption, there are various other means or methods that can be used in the protection of data which is transferred. Data theft and targeted attacks are changing the entire scenario of Web Security. In order to get a complete security for the information, it is just not enough to have URL filtering products and Anti-Virus softwares. It is also required to have various kinds of real time defences. Inline and innovative technologies used for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) which can help in defending the latest kinds of attacks which can includes the various combinations of the 7 stages of advanced threats which is the root cause of Data theft.

  • Features of Web Security
  •  .   As threats are created, they are detected.

    .   Various context are used to help in the reduction of false positivity’s as well as to reduce the management overheads.

    .   Helps to prevent or stop data which is sensitive from leaving the network of the business Via the Web.

    .   Enforces the company’s Security Policies automatically in order to reduce the risks/threat of data loss.

    .   In the case where there is a policy violation, notifications would pop up providing the necessary education to help in changing the behaviour of the user.

    .   Protects Multiple layers of Malware.

  • Benefits of Web Security
  • . You network in protect as it helps to prevent the various threats which are Web based.

    . Before the delivery of carious Web content including media files and PDs, it ensures that it is free from any kind of malicious code

    . Helps to save the bandwidth, ensures compliance and boosts the user productivity by preventing or blocking the users from visiting any kind of website which is inappropriate or even downloading any kind of media file which is usage.

    . Administrators also use it as it helps them in the creation of different policies for various sites that contain any kind of dynamic content like Web 2.0 sites or even portals.

    . Helps in the restriction of access to particular websites during certain hours as, it also helps in the protection of the bandwidth as well as the productivity by placing Internet use limits on the volumes and time.

    . For those users who are not within the boundaries of the corporate network, it helps in the application of the usage policy as well as provides the necessary information on the protection of malware.