• What is SEIM?
  • Backup and Archive Solution

    Security Information Manager else known as SIM is a solution provided by Immunity to clients who wish to enable a repeatable and documented process in regards to any kind of response to security threat as well as compliances of the IT Policy via an integrated management of the logs and the various solutions for incident responses. SIM is designed in such a way that it helps in the proactive delivery of security protection, helps a company in compliance demonstration as well as in the reduction of the compete security risk.

    The clubbing of Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Manager (SEM) is known as Security Information and Event Management else known as SEIM Solutions. This helps in providing an real time analysis of the various alerts that pertain to the security which is generated by various applications and network hardware. These Solutions can be either in the form of various managed services, appliances or even softwares which can be also used to generate different compliance related reports as well as security data logs.

    The acronyms SIEM, SIM and SEM differ in the product capabilities and meaning however can be used interchangeable based on the requirements. Now let us understand SIEM, SIM and SEM in brief

    . Security Event Management else known as SEM is one of the segments which is used for Security Management which helps to deal with the various correlation of the events, view of console and notifications, real time monitoring etc.

    . Security Information Management else known as SIM is another contributing factor which helps to provide storage for a long time, reporting and analysis of various kinds of log data.

    . Security Information and Event Management else known as SIEM is a combination of both the above mentioned combined together in order to shape the various derivatives of the different product categories of SIEM.

  • Features of SEIM
  •  .   It helps to store, protect and collect the various log data efficiently in a non normalized, non-filtered and secured manner.

    .   Provides Summarized as well as detailed reports in regular intervals.

    .   Helps in the establishment of various baseline levels of the activities that is defined as normal for the complete IT operation.

    .   Helps in the detection of various kinds of activities and unusual levels.

    .   Helps to detect any kind of baseline activity deviations and also various kinds of complex patters of any kind of possible malicious activity which can either on multiple devices.

    .   It also helps to perform various forensic analysis on security incidents of the massive archives of the log data as well as regulatory investigations.

    .   The Automated Incident Management process helps to ensure that various issues are corrected, escalated and recorded in a thorough and timely manner by closely monitoring the systems.

  • Benefits of SEIM
  • . Helps in the optimization of the various budget options which are available for hardware acquisition.

    . Leverages the present hardware investments as well as the contracts for the maintenance.

    . Also included under the intelligence gathering services is the increase scope of security data.

    . Since customer environments are always changing, there is an improved support service.

    . Helps in making easier detection of various kinds of activities and unusual levels.

    . The Compliance evidence is collected, analysed and delivered automatically.

    . Saves a person’s time as they do not have to make customized reports.

    . The reporting is made easy and as per the compliance standards which are set.

    . Helps in the reduction and administration of rules maintained as well as the required amount of rules.

    . Detection of multidimensional user access activities is increased.