Project Management Company Mumbai, India

For those clients who are looking for a Project Management Service, then Immunity’s Comprehensive Project Management Service is available for you. In this service we cater to various Project Security Needs of the customer. If you opt for this service from us, we will

  • Our company manages the implementation of the security across the business geographies and units.

  • Helps to minimise the overall project costs as the client will use the least internal resources.

  • The company is experienced enough to provide the necessary support that is needed for the right resources during the time of the project.

  • Immunity’s resources are coordinated accordingly for a faster success.

  • The milestones, people and various tasks of the field are monitored closely by the company.

  • The client gets to stay as per the schedule and budget during the project.

  • To minimize the time and cost of the complete security solution, Dedicated Project Management is the best the option. The bigger the arrangement, the clearer the profits of an Immunity Project Manager who is a specialist in every aspect when it pertains to security and the intricacies of IT Security today.

What Immunity Offers

  • Immunity provides its customers an in dept knowledge of the various requirements from the beginning of the project to the end.
  • A complete scope of the project view, traversing the complete enterprise of the client.
  • Overseeing the milestones and implementation in the field.
  • Regular updating and communication of the various business units which can be impacted with the solution.
  • Getting familiar with the Immunity engineers, trainers and consultants who can help in the contribution at specific points.
  • Get guidance from our experts of Enterprise-wide projects

Immunity’s External Project Management Services

This is conducted by Sophos Deployment Leaders who are high trained is one of the best ways to go as well as helps to save costs. To ensure the scheduled deployment we provide the customer with a dedicated project manager to ensure that everything is going fine. The Manager will also be responsible to oversee the other consultant who are working along with your team to ensure that each task is completed properly. The Immunity Project Manager will also be working along with the client’s team in order to draft the various plans for the project, coordinate the resource properly as well as provide the required project communication hub.

  • Immunity’s Project Management Services also can be helpful for large scale projects which involves any endpoints and a lot of business divisions or units.
  • Our Immunity Project Manager will also work towards solving decentralization by ensuring that the work is distributed equally between all the various units of the client business as well as coordinate the various tasks effectively.
  • We also help to ensure that the project keeps on moving by regularly monitoring the progression of the various tasks to anticipate which crucial path could be impacted and ensures that the situation is resolved effectively and quickly.
  • In order to ensure that the correct resources and schedules are used efficiently, the project manger will also go ahead and orchestrate accordingly by having the relevant access.

Protected and Coordinated launch and Cohesive rollout

There will be a systematic and well coordinated launch as well as durable rollout keeping into mind every minor detail requires protection. When there are multiple divisions or many laptops, there are various interlocking steps that have to be kept in mind to ensure that it is deployed correctly. With the help of the right guidance from the project manager, this process will be cost efficient, smooth and swift.

The focus will also be given in the tracking of the various softwares, resources, requirements, milestones and people. Our company will also provide the necessary support to ensure a successful deployment which would run and finish efficiently and as per schedule. The responsibility of the project manager would also include to provide you with a customized solution in order to ensure that the planning and designing, installation and deployment are coordinated accordingly.

Project Management

The kickoff workshop is the first step to ensure the kick off of the engagement, Immunity helps to initiate the proper planning of the deployment.

  • Immunity also helps to ensure that the architecture design and plan is as done as per the latest technology that is beneficial for the organization which is also documented for approvals as well as signoffs.
  • Immunity will also help in the setting up, installation and configuration of the Multiple Distribution Servers and Enterprise Console Server.
  • We also help in the Starting of a Pilot Project as well as Pilot Test Group.
  • Once we are sure that ensure that the Roll Out is fully operational as per the requirements, then the pilot deployment is handed over to the client completely.
  • A training is provided to ensure that the required information is passed down to the client team covering the administrative and configuration issues in case of emergency.
  • Before the handover of the system/administrative controls, the Project Close Deliver is documented.

Immunity provides complete management and monitoring solutions

It is essential that the project security should run in an organized sequence. The resources have to arrive as well as be present on time and whenever it is needed. We also help in overseeing that it is implemented properly across the enterprise. This also includes

  • Regular Monitoring- We at Immunity continuously check every Project Segment and ensure that all the necessary adjustments are made.

  • Regular reviews- As a company, we make it a point to keep the client updated regularly by communicating either in the form of reports or through meetings.

  • Scheduled Resources – The Immunity Project Manager who is in charge of your project will ensure that every phase of your project goes smoothly. This is done by coordinating and defining the resources accordingly.

Project Management Company

Successful deployment of enterprise

  • If there are multiple participants, then we make it a point that each of them perform accordingly to reach the goal. At the time implementation, departmental priorities are also set.

  • We also provide the necessary support to affected stakeholders by ensuring that the requirements of the business in terms of business and department unit participation are met accordingly.

  • Before we let the client have the complete control of the project, we provide all the necessary training and pass the knowledge that they need to know to the team. We also ensure that the systems are properly in place.