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  • What is IT Management Suite?
  • Backup and Archive Solution

    IT Management Suite is a suite of integrated products that help IT organizations provide faster and more predictable service to their business. The suite enables this by ensuring that organizations’ management infrastructures can easily support new technology changes, can quickly adapt to changing processes and business needs, and can provide the necessary insight to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions. IT Business Management Suite provides transparency and control over IT costs, services and quality. By automating previously manual processes and providing a business orientation for IT, IT Business Management Suite provides the fact-based approach CIOs and IT executives need to run IT like a business. With IT Business Management Suite, IT gains ready access to the service, cost and quality information needed to minimize the cost of IT while maximizing competitive advantage.

  • Features of Backup and Archive Solution
  • .. IT Financial Management.

    . Business Management for Cloud.

    . IT Benchmarking.

    . Service Quality Management.

    . Manage your IT assets like a business.

    . Industry-leading imaging and provisioning across clients and servers.

  • Benefits of IT Management Suite
  • . Reduce effort and point products to manage all client and server endpoints.

    . Automate new system rollouts and technology refresh cycles.

    . Proactively manages applications and updates to minimize security risks.

    . Increase accountability and cost control of your IT assets.

    . Reduce the time and cost associated with help desk activities.