Security Consulting, Audit and Solution Designing

Our spectrum includes designing the basic security policy and framework that comes under an organization.s major requirements for securing its IT infrastructure. We also conduct security audit for antivirus, firewalls or any type of computerized system to ensure the proper functioning of existing defense mechanism. To make certain that the desired security is maintained, we also offer the highly effective Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) along with solution designing.

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Managed Security Services

We provide comprehensive assistance to the organization.s security needs with managed security services that assesses the security need of every business as well as the formation of security policies. It includes on-site consulting, remote perimeter management, performing configuration changes as per the customer, day to day monitoring of systems, vulnerability assessments, management of client.s network and reporting to the clients.

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Project Management Services

Our competent project management services begins with the scoping and planning of project such that the skills and techniques required for the proper functioning of business must b delivered accordingly. The strategy and management of the project comes next including prioritizing the business objectives. The whole service also encompasses executive status reporting, implementation of correct architecture, tracking the budget and documentation.

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Support Services

Our instant and efficient remote support service views, diagnose and resolves the tribulations remotely. Facilitating the technology using organizations to overcome the technical challenges quickly and troubleshoot without blockages. Also by using our on-call service, firms who are in need of technical support can gain the light of highly professional and experienced personnel for installation of technology, deployment of… 

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