• What is Identity Protection & Management?
  • Backup and Archive Solution

    For companies who want to control the information about their users which is on their computer, Identity Management (IPM) is the best choice. This service can be used when it comes to information helps to authenticate the user’s identity, information that helps in the description of actions and information’s which they have the authority to perform and/or access. It also helps to manage the descriptive information of the user which also includes who and how the information can be modified and accessed. Network and hardware resources, users and various other applications are also included in this service.

    The online presence which is encompassed of the Ancillary Information and Identifying Information (PII) of the entity is termed as Digital Identity. If you wish to protect PII, then you need to follow the guidelines of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED). It could be deciphered as the codification of personality names and traits of a physical case in a manner that encourages handling.

  • Features of Identity Protection & Management
  •  There are 3 basic functions or features which are involved in Identity Management which can be used in regards to Engineering Online Systems. They are as follows

    .   Pure Identity Feature/ Functions- This identity creation, deletion and management without any regard to entitlements of access.

    .   Log-on or User Access feature/ Function – This would include all the data that is associated by the customer when it is used to log on to any kind of services with the help of a smart card.

    .   The Service Feature/Function-This is where a particular system delivers role based, personalized, on-demand, online, multimedia content on which the services are based on the presence to various uses and devices.

  • Benefits of dentity Protection & Management
  • . Helps to keep the log in tracks easily.

    . Helps to log on to the WebPages by launching it quickly.

    . When a person is online a person does not have to type any sensitive information since it is already provided.