• What is Gateway Security?
  • Backup and Archive Solution

    Immunity’s Web Security Gateway services helps the customer’s business by defending the IT infrastructure against any advanced attracts. This also includes the Web Gateway analysis for real time threats and enhanced forensic reporting. In order to avail various advanced features, the client can also upgrade their Gateway Security Services anywhere they are.

    Business are generally flooded by various kinds of emails and different threats which are designed in such a way that the hacker can gain access to the sensitive data that is stored on their networks and servers. Our services will help in the protection of such intrusions.

    There are some threats which can be very dangerous for the client, be it a deceptive spam mail that comes along with a link that is malicious, any kind of download that is dangerous or even a fraudulent website, there are more chances for these threads to spread and evolve faster than usual because of the nature of digital landscape which is present today. The effective and best way to block any such attack is at the gateway itself.

    Legacy hardware can be very expensive and are not effective. As per the Oysterman Research, it has been seen that using various kinds of virtual appliances which help in the protection of the gateway can help the business by lowering the overall costs by around 54%. This also provides the business cost – effective means for the delivering web as well as the messaging security present at the gateway will perform better and has a management that is user friendly.

    It is very important for people to understand the different kinds of threats there are when it comes to Gateway Security. These threats can also harm the computer or network by infecting it. Some of these threats are mentioned below-

    . Software’s which are Malicious or contains viruses.
    . Various kinds of Spyware
    . Different kinds of Spam
    . Threats which can affect the security of the Content.
    . Data leakage and Policy enforcement etc.

  • Features of Gateway Security
  • The different features of Gateway Security, Productivity and Connectivity

    .   Network Security

    .   Content Security

    .   Administrative Security

    .   Business Continuity

    .   Network Availability

    .   Future-ready Connectivity

  • Benefits of Gateway Security
  • Benefits of Gateway Security

    . It helps in the protection of the client’s sensitive, confidential and valuable data along with an ability to identify and fingerprint the actual data of the company within the attachment or messages.

    . It also includes the summery and detailed reports and comes along with a dashboard. This helps in the demonstration of the impact and efficacy of the anti spam gateway. It also proactively highlights the trends of different kinds of threat and the potential of various compliance issues.

    . Helps in the reduction of the overall administrative costs by taking out complex multiple consoles, disparate policies as well as incompatible reporting and logging. Along with that it also demonstrates the impact and efficacy of messaging security.

    . The analysis of gateway thread with the help of real time, security analysis of the inline from an Advanced Classification engine (ACR) and threat intelligence. The defence against spam, blended threats and advanced malware can be achieved with the help of the Threat Seeker Intelligence Cloud.