What is immunity all about?

Immunity Networks Is a company that caters to the various IT security needs of a company which is crucial in order to ensure that the sensitive information of the company is safe.

How do you detect and understand where the actual problem is?

In order to understand what the actual problem is, we at Immunity Networks This is done in three parts Security Consulting, Audit and Solution Designing. Once our experts understand what the problem is, they go ahead and suggest the relevant products or steps and measures in order to make their IT infrastructure safe.

What are the different services that you offer?

Immunity Networks provides it’s customer’s

  • Security Consulting, Audit and Solution Designing

  • Managed Security Services

  • Project Management Services

  • Support Services

What are the different solutions your company provides

Immunity Networks Caters to

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Data Security

  • Information Security

What makes your company different from the rest?

Immunity Networks is a company that does not believe in just providing services to a customer, we as an organization take personal interest to ensure that our customer’s get exactly what they need. We do not believe in beating around the bush as we understand that time is a valuable asset.

Can you explain in brief what Managed security services is all about?

Managed security service is a service offered to client where in Immunity Networks ensures that we help you to reduce the risk factor of data loss as well as help you in increasing the effectiveness of your security in the IT infrastructure.

What is a Security Consulting Service?

A Security Consulting Service is where one of the Immunity Networks Technical expert help you to enhance the process of your security . You will get to know the various gaps there are in the infrastructure of your company as well as what steps you would need to take in order to eliminated the risk factor. During the consultation service you will also get a detailed assessment and advisory report that is done based on the observations made by our technical expert.

What is Security Incident Response Services?

Even though a company may have the best security procedures and practices, there can still be a possibility of a loop hole due to which there can be breach in the security. Immunity Networks helps its customers in the detection, response and mitigation of the breaches. This is a service which will help the company to understand where the problem is and come up with a solution in order to prevent a situation from arising in the future.

What is Security Governance Services

The Security Governance Services with Immunity Networks helps the company to maintain and integrate the policies of the company and accordingly arrange it along with the threat profiles, compliance needs and business needs. The services that we offer are supportive, proactive and protective so that it can benefit the customer in

  • Managing the risk with the help of a proper understanding and view of the landscape of the security.

  • With the help of supplier integration and management, we help you use your resources to the best.

  • Reduction of the administration with the help of performance reporting and visibility which is user friendly.

What is Supplier Security Compliance Management Solution?

We at Immunity Networks understand that no matter how big or small a business is, there is always a security concern attached when it comes to the protection of your data. We help you establish corrective and preventive measures in order to prevent the risk by providing you with customized procedures and process that can be used as an approach to mitigate the risk.

Do you do consulting on the site

Yes, Immunity Networks provides their customers with an Onsite consulting in order to understand the various risks there are for your business and the requirements of the company in order to improve as well as develop the security policy.

What all are included in your on site consulting?

When one of our Immunity Networks experts visit your business premises, the consulting will include a comprehensive security design and assessment which will include the technical procedures and risk, the various business risk as well as the various loop holes or gaps in the present technology that your business uses. Our consultation will also include an onsite incident forensics and response as well as security product integration.

What are the different solutions you offer under Infrastructure Security?

Under the Infrastructure Security, we at Immunity Networks provide solutions like

  • Web Security Gateway

  • Identity management (IPM)

  • Server Security

  • Server Security

  • Web Security

  • Security Information Manager (SIEM)

  • Email Security

What are the different solutions you offer under Information Security?

Under the Information Security, we at Immunity Networks provide solutions like

  • Data loss prevention(DLP)

  • Digital rights management(DRM)

  • Mobile Device Management(MDM)

  • Endpoint Security

  • Encryption & Identity Protection

  • IT Management Suite

Do you also cater to Disaster Recovery and if so then how ?

Yes, Immunity Networks also deals with Disaster Management in order to ensure that the customer’s data is recovered. This is done based on a systematic planning depending on the level of data loss that can happen. We also come up with various kinds of alternate solutions to ensure that the customer can go ahead most of their information back as well as during the time when the recovery is being made, the business can function as normal as possible.