• What is SEIM?
  • Backup and Archive Solution

    E-Mails have become one of the most fastest and effective modes of communication in today’s times. There are various threats attached to this service, it is no longer constraint to only spam or nuisance mails, however there is also a threat of phishing messages which is used by attackers who have intentions which are malicious. Initially this was only a threat to capture the various and crucial credentials of an individual’s accounts however now the scenario has changed and it has gone to the extent of obtaining the confidential and sensitive information of a business.

    Immunity’s Email Security Solutions is a service that is designed keeping in mind the various threats that are available today. It helps to manage the various spam, virus, phish and malware mails that can come into the network of the business. It provides all the various security measures that is needed in order to ensure that your business information is safe and secured.

    The various products available for email security also includes the best and customized solutions which are also available in the premises along with the best solutions which are cloud based. They help to provide the best protection and a form factors which are based on the required choice and are flexible.

    The Email Security Service helps to manage and handle all the outbound and inbound messages effectively to ensure that there are no malware, spam or any other such mails going or coming into the server. The solution is designated in such a way that it provides the necessary protection against any kind of unknown and known viruses. It also helps to capture most of the spam mails as well protects the company’s network.

  • Features of SEIM
  • Virus Filter and Email Spam prevention which is effective and accurate
    .   This service provides protection from unknown and known viruses 100%, it also helps to reduce the spam mails by 99%.

    Provides the necessary defence system against any kind of attack
    .   This is a service which also provides the necessary defence system that is needed against targeted attacks, phishing, malware and spam. It also provides a predictive and detailed analysis.

    URLs are examined and scanned
    .   Another feature of this service is the ability to protect the network from any kind of attack which may occur thru various links that are sent. It scanners through to ensure the security of the network as well to ensure that there is no hidden content which is malicious in any way.

    Dependable service from the cloud
    .   Cloud service has been working towards ensuring that it provides an effective and highly accurate service in order to manage and secure the emails. This is done with the support of a global team which ensures they continuously and deliver an effective service which is meaningful and comprehensive.

  • Benefits of SEIM
  • . Helps in the reduction of complexity.

    . Reduces the risks of any kind of security breach in turn helps in the increasing the productivity of employees.

    . Helps in enabling the business put into place usage policies which are acceptable, reduction of data loss as well as maintaining the regulatory compliance.

    . Helps to enable a rapid implementation, reducing the overall cost of ownership as well as helps in the delivery of predictable costs.

    . The service delivery is of the highest quality.

    . You also gain access to a team that is dedicated and specialised in email security, the team understands and knows the importance of email’s and service excellence.